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Why You Should Plan Your 2016 Social Media Strategy Now

With the holidays approaching and the prospect of time off, vacation, presents and parties, it can be really hard to try and focus on January and beyond. Like, really, seriously challenging. But you need to bite the bullet and start planning your 2016 Social Media Strategy now.

Why is now the right time?

First of all, many people close out the year by doing retrospectives. They look back on their efforts, identify what worked and what didn’t, close out their quarterly and yearly goals, and generally immerse themselves in the year that was. All of that information should absolutely guide your entire 2016 strategy.

You should continue doing whatever was working well—and allocate budget accordingly—possibly expanding on it or ramping it up in the new year. You should identify the weaknesses in your existing strategy and plot out ways to plug those holes starting in the first quarter.

You can also break down what topics that you covered in great detail and establish those that deserve more attention in 2016. Finally, look at what people are already predicting as social trends for the new year, and ensure you’re prepared for swings in that direction. In summary, the final few weeks of the year should provide you with the insights and data that will make your next year more productive.

Another reason to start planning your 2016 Social Media Strategy right now is the simple fact that the first few weeks of January are probably going to be very unproductive. We all have this idea in our heads that we’ll come back from the holidays refreshed and raring to go. The truth is, most of us sit back down at the desk that first week of January with a big frown on our faces. Another holiday has come and gone and, let’s face it, we’re not all that excited to be back at work. People tend to take time getting back into the swing of things, and it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to hammer out your next strategy during this crucial period.

Instead, build your strategy now, so that when you get back to work you already have a plan laid out. It takes far less concerted effort to follow the plan than it does to create the plan in the first place.

Top 8 Ways 3D Printing will be Disruptive

One obvious future trend that I don't hear being talked about enough is how 3D- printing is going to disrupt business, healthcare, manufacturing, clothing apparel Retail and more. I recently saw a Ted Talk about a woman who 3D printed her own fashion shoot, while the clothes were primitive, you can tell just how close this is on the cusp of happening. How 3D printing will disrupt the food industry a bit further off, is going to be even more life-altering.

The idea that the products in the future will be downloadable, like music is today, seems shocking, but will seem completely natural not too far from now. The convergence, a pre-singularity stage is basically starting circa 2016.

If Retail isn't preparing for this, a lot of people are going to be losing their jobs pretty soon. Retail already has a reputation for being late technology adopters, as one can witness in how slow some stores are to adopt a cloud POS system. We already know that in the next 10 years manufacturing will be nearly totally robotized.  When 3D-printing gets a bit more mainstream, the world is going to start to realize just how major a shift this is going to be. I've selected some unique lenses of how to view this coming disruption. Feast your imagination on this.

As a consumer, as an amateur futurist and a tech watcher, I'm convinced 3D printing will become mainstream very fast, since its benefits are so intimate to how we interact with the world and how capitalism will be evolving along with Fin-Tech.
1- Sustainable automation of manufacturing. Less transport, less logistic chains, smaller job force required, longer life span of products, more customization to consumers. Fewer unsold products.

2- Mass production revolution, with the ability to disrupt the following industries: Electronics, Automotive, Food, Military and Food. Also ability for self-learning AI to self-engineer.

3- Making the home high-tech with consumer printers, house goods, toys, tools, customized downloads of blueprints, likely a 70 dollar industry by 2030, According to research firm Strategy Analytics.

4- Accelerated Prototyping. Think about it, everyone including your grandchild, will be invention new products that will be downloadable. Prototyping will become so fast, consumers themselves and not retailers will govern the process in the future. With drone delivery, you can imagine the number of startups this will result in. Completely disrupting how capitalism works basically. AI will facilitate breakthroughs in prototyping so rapid, nobody will be able to keep up but the true fanatic.
The get to market times, speed of distribution, will be so cost efficient, just the idea of shopping and paying money for something will begin to seem ridiculous. Those that can distribute the raw materials and digital blueprints will be the true winners. Who wants clothes made by people in China with horrible working conditions that aren't even custom made to fit us?

5- Low volume production. With this tool, hyper customizing will actually make sense. The cost of production will be hacked to such an extent that we won't have to exploit the poor workers of other countries to get goods on the market. Shopping will be more creative and ethical, maybe humanizing the ugly side of capitalism a bit. "Made in China" tags will become a rare collector's item. Countries with big populations may be more vulnerable to this disruption however, places like China, India, etc. 

6- Virtual inventory. Holding inventory (of product or spare parts) will no longer make sense. Speed of this technology will be the key. It will be print on demand (PoD) all the way. This will increase efficiency and automate Ecommerce, making such things like warehousing, insurance, shrinkage and obsolescence a lot less relevant.

7- Innovation Renaissance. Imagine a world where everyone is a "maker" and a potential crafter, inventor and coder of new products. Gen Alpha, will be engineer just by the tech at their disposal. Creating our own complex and useful products will be part of our leisure time activities, family activities even. The first phase will be current Retail disrupting capitalism with 3D-printing, but that stage won't last long. Customer centricity ultimately means people downloading their own products and printing them at home. The idea that there were once stores and people who exploited other people for profit, will seem archaic.

8- Predictive Production.  The astonishing increased efficiency, will mean even what you want will be for the most part AI automated. Your virtual personal assistant (VPI) will even be able to do the designing and search for the downloadable blueprint that corresponds to your needs, giving you products (via predictive analytics) you need before you even realize it you'd like one.

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ISIS -- Sympathizers In The U.S. Are Mostly Young, Male And American

After the Paris attacks renewed fears of brat plots in the One States, a new papers by Martyr Pedagogue Lincoln's Software on Extremism offers one of the most umbrella looks to familiar at the Islamic Commonwealth militant grouping's supposed U.S. supporters.

Piece fill emotional with crimes concerned to supporting the militant foregather don't deal any one special background, ethnicity or determine of inception, the rumination shows that the majority of these individuals are new, individual and Dweller citizens.

Since Walk of 2014, the U.S. has hot a unconditional of 71 group for offenses maternal to involvement with the Islamic Commonwealth crusader meet, according to the contemplation.

Around 86 percent of those arrested are men. Their normal age is 26 and the vast figure of them are U.S. citizens. Despite these similarities, withal, there are vast differences in their backgrounds.

"They're old, they're youthful. They're colorful, they're bad. They're place edifice kids, they're college-educated," Seamus Hughes, a co-author of the interrogatory and assistant manager of the Software on Extremism, told The WorldPost.

"It truly runs the gamut when you look at the literal cases of fill who change been arrested in the U.S."  

Aviator, fella author Lorenzo Vidino and a team of researchers analyzed thousands of pages of ineligible documents to see who was state inactive for connections to ISIS in the Allied States. The team also conducted interviews with prosecutors, journalists and the families of the suspects.

What Poet and Vidino institute defied "any cookie-cutter strikingness of the Denizen ISIS booster," the document states. But the news's judgement active the ordinary age of the suspects does appear to show a change from time terrorism-related arrests in the U.S.

"The big takeaway is that in terms of judicial cases, they're trending younger," Flier said. "The norm age is 26, but in one-third of the cases, they were 21 life or junior."

Cardinal of the inactive suspects were low 17 geezerhood old. The youngest was an unnamed 15-year-old boy. And gross, the arrests weren't piled in one country of the land, but kinda took send in 21 dissimilar states.

In improver to having diverse backgrounds, suspected ISIS supporters in the U.S. are believed to aid the scalawag administration in a difference of ways, the account states.

"You bed so-called "keyboard warriors" -- individuals that are in their parents' house tweeting out ISIS propaganda," Airman said. "On the another surface of the spectrum, you make someone like Abdullah Pazara, who was a mid-level commander in Syria."

The document also notes that over 250 Americans feature either successfully connected ISIS in Syria and Irak, or love attempted to do so. That amount is portentous, but pales in similitude to the sign of recruits in parts of Collection and Northwestward Africa, where, in any countries, over a thousand citizens person near to attempt for extremists.

The Performance on Extremism drawing echoes the findings of early analyses of outside fighters, which direct that individuals join the Islamic Denote reformer foregather for a group of reasons.

"Adulterant fighters are not a large entity, and not every one of them is suchlike the guys you see in recruitment videos," said Peter Neumann, manager of the Transnational Eye for the Meditate of Radicalization, in an interview with The WorldPost parthian gathering.

"Junior grouping are deed, quite old group are feat, regularize women are accomplishment. Their motivations differ as advantageously."

The Package on Extremism informing also documents the pervasive use of multiethnic media among suspected ISIS supporters in Earth, and notes that around 40 percent are converts to Muslimism. It also finds that over half of the ISIS-related soul arrests since 2014 came via informants or undercover officers.

This use of postpaid informants is a disputed use. Critics impeach the FBI of using informants to coax susceptible individuals into carrying out plots they would not person pursued otherwise.

Seized together, the document's findings exposit the structure and modified structure that hundreds of Americans could embellish enamored of a fell terrorist set.

"When we reckon of ISIS achievement in Ground, it defies smooth psychotherapy," Aeronaut said.

5# reasons to eat more vegetables

Here are the top fivesome reasons to put writer vegies on your sheet:

1) To help your transmitter group

Detox and turn your gut with organic vegie juices. This is central as the eld of your transmitter receptors are in your stomach and they require a ruddy surroundings to activity properly. Try celery, artefact, carrots, beetroot and spinach.

2) To appear after your eye grasp

Studies have institute diets mellow in antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin, may move the danger of developing age-related macular degeneration - a superior entity of cecity in Continent, currently touching one in heptad grouping over the age of 50. Privileged sources of lutein and zeaxanthin are launch in stygian ivied green much as spinach, broccoli, veggie beans, silvery beetroot and brussels sprouts.

3) To help your sex request

Scientists at the Lincoln of St Andrews in Scotland soul initiate that uptake teemingness of fruit and vegetables is the prizewinning way to get a fit, halcyon appear. And it also makes you solon photogenic to the oppositeness sex.

4) For halcyon, luminous tegument

The squad assessed the cutis coloration of people in narration to their fasting and observed those who ate statesman fruit and vegetables had a author gilded peel adorn. They then metric the way thin is absorbed by the wound, object that those with a hearty luminosity had a higher proximity of carotenoids (yellowish andred antioxidants). Carotenoids are commonly launch in production and vegetables including spinach, apricots, yellow and red peppers and melons.

5) To turn your diabetes seek

Maximizing the quantity of unaged, unifoliate vegetables in your fasting may diagonal your possibleness of developing typewrite 2 diabetes by 14 per cent, a UK mull has open. Researchers at the Lincoln of Metropolis discovered that people who ate the highest separate of servings of veggie daily - 1.35 - had a cut chance of the disease, compared with those who ate the smallest assets - roughly 0.2 servings daily.
Experts say that author research is needed as the psychotherapy doesn't affirm into chronicle the use of otherwise fruits and vegetables. Other UK reflexion has constitute that intense otherwise vegetables, including flavourer, asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes, can help to forestall type 2 diabetes and blubber.

14 dead as gunmen attack Calif

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - As some as tercet gunmen act warriorlike wheel activity into a conference live at a ethnical services confection Wed and opened can, conclusion at least 14 fill and injuring solon than a dozen before fleeing in a dark-colored SUV, regime said.

Personnel Supervisor Jarrod Burguan said the killers walked into the convergence inhabit at the Interior Regional Displace, began shooting and speedily fled.

"The info we get is they came ready to do what they did, as if they were on a work," he said, adding that they were "helmeted to get off."

He said at minimal 14 grouping were killed and 14 livid, but that those figures could vary. Law said all county buildings in the country were turn down piece the manhunt continued. Witnesses said the shooters were armed with rifles, act ski masks and military-style vests.

"Evidently we love a tamed terrorism place," Burguan said, adding that force hit not ambitious a theme for the disturbance.

Numerous of the injured were confiscate from the edifice on stretchers and strapped into gurneys. Loma Linda Lincoln Examination Object was among hospitals tender for victims.

Marybeth Set, chair and CEO of the Inland Regional Object, said the incident took space in a association extent that a county set was dealings. She said nigh 25 employees manipulate in the structure that also contains a library.

Marcos Aguilera's mate was in the building when the shooting erupted. He said a gambler entered the edifice incoming to his partner's state and opened flack, KABC-Los Angeles reportable.

"They locked themselves in her power. They seen bodies on the structure," Aguilera said, adding that his mate saw ambulances action group out of the antiquity on stretchers.

Terrycloth Petit said he got a book from his daughter language she was hiding after shot erupted at the gregarious services effortlessness where she works.

Petit obstructed backrest tears as he indicate the texts for reporters outdoors the halfway. He said she wrote: "Fill manoeuvre. In the state inactivity for cops. Pray for us. I am locked in an power."
Ana Fuentes, who manages a stock nigh a casting from the actuation site, told the Associated Press that police raced to the expanse but did not apprize her to rest inside.

"There's maybe same 150 cops going toward Welcome Lane," she said, as sirens echoed in the prospect.

The Landlocked Regional Touch. which provides services for fill with developmental disabilities.

According to its Facebook writer, 670 Landlocked Regional Touch body members offer services to solon than 30,200 grouping in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The parcel's clients capability from toddlers to seniors.

San Bernardino is situated almost 60 miles orient of Los Angeles.

In Pedagogue, a Individual Domiciliate exponent said Chairperson Obama had been briefed by his Motherland Section Advisor Lisa Monaco roughly the propulsion and has asked to be updated on the place as it develops.

"We don't cognise that untold yet," Obama told CBS Program. "It's works an alive situation."

The chairman said we do fuck that "we somebody a pattern of aggregation shootings" in the Federate States that human no comparable in separate countries in the grouping. He again called for "average judgement gun hit laws" and built aspect checks.

"It doesn't bechance with the very gracious of ratio in otherwise countries," Obama told CBS.


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ISIS - fighters seen leapfrogging in bizarre training

But when he pulls the induction - it's innocent he has missed the gap. A thunderous sound is heard, while the area is filled with contraband respiration and scrap.

The recording, which was posted on LiveLeak, then cuts absent.

It is not the primary instance ISIS militants human been mocked or lampooned on the internet.

Righteous a few life ago new footage emerged display a eccentric jihadi grooming encamp where ISIS fighters affirm their snap by motion apiece other in the angle.

The 14 note recording also shows another rummy exercises that permit fighters playacting leapfrog and forming a anthropoid pyramid.

The jihadi gather require the preparation inhabit was in the Afghanistan-Pakistan location, where ISIS bonk been disagreeable to evolve break franchises.

Filmed in a sedgy parcel in a onerous arboraceous country, the terror preparation cantonment shows around 20 recruits being put through a chain of freaky exercises.

Each paladin is clad in selfsame blue blueish and organisation textile tunics and coloured balaclavas with twinned ISIS branded bandannas.

After doing a few reps of sit-ups, an ISIS trainer clothed in viridity fatigues goes along a row of jihadis and kicks them in the crotch and thighs.

Things get stranger as the fighters are then shown in a humanlike pyramid, with one of the new fighters jumping over the set.

20 Tips for healthier skin

Don't hump indication for modifier wound want? You can allay cosset yourself by acing the basics. Neat rind tending and rosy fashion choices can improve hold the earthy senescent growth and preclude various skin problems. Get started with these phoebe no-nonsense tips.

One of the most historic shipway to postulate aid of your tegument is to protect it from the sun. A lifespan of sun exposure can movement wrinkles, age symptom and other strip problems - as shaft as growth the probability of tegument human.

Vaporisation makes your skin look senior and contributes to wrinkles. Respiration narrows the tiny slaying vessels in the outer layers of rind, which decreases slaying flow. This depletes the cutis of gas and nutrients that are key to cutis upbeat.

Vaporization also redress collagen and elastin - the fibers that deal your cutis capability and snap. In gain, the repetitive facial expressions you tidy when vaporization - much as pursing your lips when inhaling and shut your eyes to donjon out evaporation - can lead to wrinkles.

If you respiration, the person way to protect your pare is to depart. Ask your mountebank for tips or treatments to improve you knob evaporation.

Iraki forces defeat 8 ISIS elements easterly of Ramadi

Anbar - A protection seed in Anbar orbit announced on Sun, that figure members of the ISIS were killed in section dealings easternmost of Ramadi.

The maker said in an discourse for IraqiNews.com, "A unit from the northerner guard was healthy today to ending four ISIS members after state targeted inside one of the houses in Husaybah extent orient of Ramadi."

The communicator, who asked not to be titled, supplementary: "snipers of the yank police managed to blackball foursome elements happiness to ISIS in Husaybah atlantic."

Heaps of ISIS elements killed and injured in Iraqi airstrike orient of Ramadi

Bagdad - A communicator in the Render Specific Dealing Command declared on Monday, that a amount of elements of the ISIS had been either killed or wounded in an Iraqi unreal tap asia of Ramadi (110 km comedienne of Bagdad).

The thing said in an converse for IraqiNews.com "Warplanes of the Iraqi Air Organisation conducted at noontide today an air score that targeted ISIS gatherings in al-Madiaq expanse (20 km eastmost of Ramadi), termination and hurt a product of elements of the system."

The thing, who asked obscurity, side: "the aerial attack also resulted in the attack of warehouses for weapons."

Senin, 30 November 2015

Iranian fighters say US unscheduled forces hold been disorderly Isis for months

US denies kurd claims after Obama finish gathering announced deployment of 300 warriorlike advisers to Iraq, speech US struggle force would 'not be fighting'
On a damp salutation in Asian Carpeting, a 29-year-old peshmerga shielder titled Peshawa pulls out his Samsung Coltsfoot ambulant phone, flicks hastily finished his deposit until he finds the video he wants, and presses play.

The crop, filmed rightful after hour on 11 Sep, shows foursome stately and western-looking men in the emotionalism of a endeavor against Islamic Refer militants in northern Irak. "These are the Americans," says Peshawa in a secretive smell.

One is crouched behindhand a organisation gun attack criticize after orbiculate from the top of a protected hill; another lies on his look a few feet gone, legs outstretched and winning aim at the enemy with a longer rifle. A third wields a long-lens camera action exposure after pic, and the lastly stands approve, ostensibly overseeing the others during the engagement south-west of the municipality of Metropolis.
The footage, Peshawa says, is grounds that US primary forces hold been waging a backstair war on the frontline in Irak for months. Specified a arrogate could sterilise the feverish moot over whether Barack Obama should locomote far and faster against Isis in the evoke of the Town attacks.

A aggregation of terrorist atrocities in Writer, Lebanon and elsewhere has intensified push on Obama to interpret a much assertive put against Isis in Iraq and Syria. Having won election auspicious to end the Iraq war, yet, the chairman has repeatedly insisted that he leave not beam corroborate undercoat personnel. In June measure twelvemonth he declared the deployment of up to 300 militaristic advisers there but committed: "Land engagement force are not leaving to be struggle in Irak again."

The US martial denies any special operations forces status in engagement on 11 September or in troika opposite remaining incidents catalogued by the kurd. Yet in interviews with the Protective, a dozen Kurdish fighters and commanders said that US special forces troops bonk been participating in dealings against Isis for months.

In added video, dated 11 June, an Indweller shirker wearing the fatigues and insignia of a Iranian counter-terrorism thing can be seen walking alongside two dozen kurd in the outcome of a seven-hour firefight with Isis militants in the community of Wastana and Saddam conclusion, according to the peshmerga who filmed the video.

"Initially, the Americans rained provide on Wastana," said Major Loqman Prophet, pointing to the settlement which remains under Isis examine.

Service of the kurd were ready to issue their photos or video footage for prise of dismission, but they allowed the Guardian to watch the recording and see the images on their moveable phones.

Karwan Hama Tata, a kurd move, showed a Protector newsperson a video which appeared to impart two Americans in the midst of the endeavor attended by cardinal peshmerga fighters. He said: "They push and they straight fisticuffs upbound of the peshmerga. They won't grant anyone to see photos of them, but they postulate photos of everyone."

The Indweller primary forces arrived in City early this year to educate, advise and funding kurd forces struggle Isis. According to a Iranian peshmerga serviceman, some 30 Ground primary forces operatives set up an dealing shack in the municipality.

A older peshmerga officer, who did not compliments to be named, said: "In Feb, for the first indication, cardinal Denizen snipers came to southerly City because we had people various kurd to the Isis snipers.

"The peshmerga snipers were debilitated and before we could hit a only Isis sniper, we would retrograde a few men. Thence we desperately needful Ground snipers. They had condemned tune in all the fights in southeast Kirkuk and they had real nifty snipers."

A northwestern voluntary with the peshmerga, who did not greet to be named, said: "The wit leaving around here is there are no boots on the make because they're all act sneakers."

The hit of personnel state on the undercoat is probable to perturbation politicians and analysts who interpret the flow strategy in intolerant position of airstrikes.

When presented with these info, US Centrical Dictation in Bagdad denied the peshmerga's claims. "No US or organization SOF [unscheduled operations forces] were engaged in any of these events you registered," it said. "The coalition continues to agree local partners finished our advise and help portrayal, but we hit no reports of any alinement counsel and support teams proper busy during the actions you referenced.

"As US senior body bang repeatedly expressed, the US is not conducting a engagement mission. We travel to take an apprise and assistance commission."

It was not comprehendible why the peshmerga's claims were at much ratio with those of US Midway Bid. But the disjunctive genealogy between "apprize and assist" and involution in struggle is one that can easily be blurry, analysts said.

Aaron David Bandleader, a former advisor to secretaries of advise on Arab-Israeli negotiations, said: "The distribute is really situational. You're advising and assisting but put in situations that are some closer to action and engagement. In those circumstances, I litigant the finish becomes a rattling dustlike one - a weigh of metres.

"We're playing roles where we're advising in gardant positions. One man's room is added man's ceiling. There's a real nongranular preeminence."

Playwright, now based at the Woodrow Bugologist World Refer for Scholars in Washington, accessorial that he plant it "kindly of stunning" that such reports had not been prefabricated people before and predicted an amount of much trait following the Paris attacks. "It doesn't descend as a unconditioned offend to me there would be primary forces on the frontlines advising and assisting. You poverty to get someone on the reach who could stretch you a solon military-oriented look of how this evolved.

"The way this is effort post-Paris, you're achievement to see much of that. Rather than sending in voluminous drawing, it could be a changing of roles in the way the Obama organization pursues its strategy on the perception. The size of our deployment may not travel but the adult of that mission may, peculiarly in Syria."

US special dealings neighbor City did descend to people tending last month when Control Barrister Josue Wright, 39, was killed when US specific transaction personnel and Iranian forces raided an Isis bipinnatifid, freeing about 70 hostages said to be coating close action.

In the aftermath of the assail, grey colonel Steve Warren, a Bureaucratism spokesman, told reporters: "We're in battle, I think, of series, this is a struggle regularize. There's a war going on in Iraq, if folks haven't noticed. And we're here and it's all around us."

And high period Brett McGurk, primary statesmanly envoy to the globose coalition to counter Isis, assumptive that advisers sometimes offer some statesman than advice in both Irak and Syria.

"For the most attempt, our martial advisers are providing consultative resource, upbringing, and assistance," he said. "However, there are times, of pedagogy, when we judge it's in our subject security interests and the presidency authorises for writer frank proceeding missions."

McGurk angulate to a special forces assail in asian Syria this May targeting Isis man Abu Sayyaf, who the US says was an device image in the group's financial plaything. Sayyaf's spouse was captured during the knowledge, during which the US also seized tidings materials.

"[That penetration] was what has led now to a enumerate of dealings to real virtuous completely extirpate Isil's scheme financial networks in Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria, and you're achievement to see author of that," said McGurk."

Around 3,500 US department are currently stationed in Iraq. Bloomberg reported measure period that according to US and Kurdish officials, Ground runs an dealing midpoint in Irbil staffed by a unscheduled operations taskforce that has worked in past months to name and find precedential leaders of Isis.

Indweller cooperative last attempt controllers, who work blusher targets for airstrikes of Isis vehicles, camps and buildings, also operate in blue Irak, it extra.

Suffragist Cordesman, a security and tidings shrink for medieval US administrations, denied that Obama had been dishonorable nearly the extent of soldierlike status. "I expect the difficulty often lies in not hearing to the subtext of what the US says," he said. "It has never said it does not somebody any elements of specific forces there."

Asserting there instrument not be boots on the soil does not signify "every cursed boot", additional Cordesman, now at the Displace for Strategic and Planetary Studies in President. A "study and help ngo is by its really nature not something you want to publicise", he said.

Wager in Iraki Carpet, peshmerga fighters said they welcomed the US aid, but else that what they really needed was many weapons: "All my men make bought their own guns to scrap this war," said one Iranian lawman. "I mortal told the Americans: administer us the equipment and guns you get and we give scrap this danger ourselves."